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The Happy Solution

The Happy Solution: A Short History of the Dewey Floating Dry Dock, by Merle T. Cole, 1988, 36 pp., photographs and maps, paperback.

Built in Baltimore in 1905, the Dewey dry dock was towed to Solomons in June of that year where it remained for six months before departing for its final destination in the Philippines. While anchored off Solomons, the Dewey dry dock underwent a number of tests to evaluate its sturdiness and reliability as a cradle for ships in need of repair and maintenance. Approximately 500 feet long, the steel dry dock was constructed to support the weight of such cruisers and battleships as the USS Colorado and the USS Iowa. The Dewey dry dock's ultimate purpose in the Pacific was to provide a local repair station for naval vessels, rather than having them return to the United States.

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